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Basic Blackjack Strategies

I’m going to go over all my knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the last year playing blackjack and I’m gonna teach you kind of how to basically play because I also just went to the casino in real life for the first time and played real-life blackjack and I’ll tell some stories on that so I think the main rule of blackjack is don’t gamble what you can’t lose that’s like the main rule of gambling but if you do want to gamble there’s the online casino website in the description down below it is friendly world right wide unless you’re in the country with like a dictator or something I’ve cashed out two times totally legit. For more info visit CasinoSlots.

If you want to play link is down below and only gamble if you can lose the money and if you are of age so one of the most important rules of blackjack is to manage your bankroll if you only have a hundred and fifty dollars to gamble you don’t want to bet 75 per hand because it’s got to go away really quick so I’m at the $10.00 table and actually got to get kind of bored of this really quick and going up to a $25 table but try to manage your bankroll because the casino can play unlimited right their bankroll is virtually unlimited but you most of the time you can only gamble so much and there’s gotta be swings where you lose five hands in a row and if I’m betting 150 in my bankroll and I’m betting 25 forehand and if I lose those five I’m devastated right this session of blackjack was incredible there are some weird unique hands and we’re gonna go over a lot of different crazy situations and it’s actually pretty funny I start to talk to the dealer in the chat and it was really great so you can see in the top right-hand corner of the screen there are the blackjack strategy chart.

So this is for this particular casino some other casinos have different girls for example the one I went to in real life the dealer would hit on a soft 17 these dealers stand on a soft 17 what is a soft besides your penis it is when there is a ace and another card that’s not a 10 Aysen in tens of blackjack obviously but for example an ace and the two would be a soft 13 so that could mean that’s either 13 or it’s a 3 the a stance or a 1 or an 11 I’m three minutes in I should have probably explained the basic concept of blackjack you’re trying to get the closest to 21 it’s the table verse the dealer if the dealer goes over 21 or if you go over 21 you bust your hand is lost if you get 21 with the Blackjacks you get paid one in our two and a half times if you win with just a regular there’s Henry my bore Henry but I wanted to go on a little quicker table that was kind of slow on that one experience I had in Canada at the Montreal casino.

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